Hybrid how?

CapFinite offers investors the benefits of a hybrid strategy that combines long and short-term investment goals, by putting funds to work from day one, while scouting for longer-term opportunities that are suitable to the client’s profile, resulting in a personalized portfolio based on individual risk, reward, liquidity and term preferences.

Why this approach?

Finding the best companies to invest in takes time. (And we all know how the old saying goes...) During prospection your capital is idling and doesn't generate any returns. That creates pressure to close investment opportunities fast, which adversely impacts the decision-making process and quality of the deals. Our approach largely alleviates that pressure, improves the deal quality and optimizes capital returns.  

All of the funds go to work immediately on the hedge fund side, while the venture share deploys upon availability of quality dealflow.

So how does it work...

With CapFinite, clients decide the distribution ratio that is applied towards two independently operating revenue generating activities, based on individual preferences and risk profile.

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