Hedge Fund

The combination of an Absolute Return and a Value Investing strategy constitutes CapFinite’s bifurcated approach to the capital market.


By integrating quantitative and mathematical methods, we identify recurring price patterns with high probabilities that result in significant gains. 


Absolute Return Strategy

By leveraging in-depth research and proprietary algorithms, CapFinite is able to retrace and forecast price points, enabling significant monthly returns that outperform the market with a very high degree of accuracy. These results often average annualized return of +40%, exclusively based on this Absolute Return Strategy (ARS) alone.

Value Investing Strategy

Realized gains resulting from CapFinite’s Absolute Return Strategy (ARS) are reinvested in CapFinite's Value Investing portfolio. This portfolio consists of long/short positions on public equity markets based on valuation and technical analysis, with the main emphasis on steady long-term return on investment.


These realized results are indicative of CapFinite's track record and performance.

For the latest information on CapFinite's performance, have a look at our blog and feel free to reach out any time.

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