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2019 results / 2020 outlook

Updated: Feb 28

If you parked your money on a savings account in 2019, you are no doubt celebrating the many riches it has brought you, to the tune of a whopping 0.09% return. Please excuse the sarcasm, but we wonder, if you’re not a tiny bit upset about that... why not? If, instead of that savings account, you would have entrusted your capital to CapFinite, you would be enjoying an annualized return of 57% (based realized gains). That’s right, 57%. That’s 26% better than the S&P 500, 33% better than the Dow Jones, and yes, 56.91% than your savings account. If you’re feeling a bit of ex post facto FOMO settling in, we can’t say we blame you. We’d be disappointed too. Here’s a little chart to rub it in emphasize the difference:


Of course, past performance is never a predictor of future results, but January continued nicely along the same trend. CapFinite was up 3% last month while everything else was under water. Blub blub, Russel Jones 500...


This validates CapFinite’s strategies, and shows a great deal of promise for 2020. Particularly last month’s performance, since we continue to see great results in a shifting market that is looking increasingly bearish.

On the venture side, if 2019 was any indication, 2020 holds a lot of promise. Maxine's Heavenly is expanding fast in terms of retailers carrying the brand. They are set for +300 more store locations in Q1 2020 alone, including nearly 100 Whole Foods stores. On the incubator front, Dapper has been transformed from a shoe shine app to a true and global platform for any and all shoe related services. We've partnered up with industry professionals (Dr. Shine became a stake holder) and are acquiring early customers and more vendors beyond NYC in places like Texas and SF. The global reach of the platform (for English speakers) allows for a much larger potential market. We've seen interest from London to Sydney and a lot of organic signups from India, which will be an important target market in 2020.

We're excited about Project Kye or Guild (working title) as our next in-house idea, with which we will bring structure and a platform to an ancient practice of community peer-to-peer lending that is used all over the world from Korea (kye) over the US (pool) to Brazil (consortio).

There's no shortage of exciting projects in the pipeline and with the current market volatility we're more convinced than ever that the venture part of CapFinite's hybrid asset management portfolio is an essential element to a holistic investment strategy.

If you’re accredited, like what you read, and would like to know more, give us a nudge.

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