The Process

We are an early-stage incubator helping entrepreneurs get their product to launch with an emphasis on market viability testing. We provide seed investment, and connect founders to our network of strategic partners and operational professionals.

Build lean

Once your target market is clear, we'll connect you to talented co-founders who can help you prototype your idea to the MVP stage (Minimum Viable Product).

User focus

Getting your first few users is easy, keeping them is hard. To create strong value for your customers, you need to build features that people care about. We emphasize an open dialogue with your customers to generate actionable feedback data.


We start by helping you target your product or service in a high-growth market, and focus on a single point of value creation. No idea? No problem. Join one of our existing projects and start earning equity for the value you provide.

Launch faster

Everyone wants their product to be shiny and perfect before anyone sees it. Sadly, that's not the way to build a company. Once you've got an MVP, the next step is to make sure someone wants it. Rapid build, launch, test cycles are key to our incubator.

Make it bigger

Building a company is a never-ending process, not a destination. Once your product is profitable you'll need to expand operations in a meaningful and efficient way. We'll connect you with mid to late-series investors who can take you to the next level. 

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